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Tuscany Pictures | Mugello | The Park of Pratolino

The Park of Pratolino is located in Florence surroundings and it's one of its most beautiful parks. It used to be the largest park of Medici villas.

Learn more about the Medicean Park of Pratolino, read our article here.

The Appennines
The Colossus of the Appennines
The Appennines
The Appennines
Particular of the Appennines
The park from Colossus of the Appennines
The Dragon Statue
Detail of Grotto's decorations
Original Design of Water Organs
The Maschera Fishpond
The Park of Pratolino
The Buontalenti Chapel
The Buontalenti Chapel
The Neoclassical Lodge of Montili
The Park
The Fountain of Jupiter
The Renaissance Villa of Pratolino
The landscape
Villa Demidoff
Villa Demidoff
Villa Demidoff
Old tree in the Park
Deers running in the Park
Avenue in the Park
The Park under the snow
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