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Tuscany Pictures | Maremma | The Tarot Garden in Capalbio

The Tarot Garden is a beautiful garden where the French artist Niki de Saint de Phalle created large statues of the 22 Major Arcana located near Capalbio.
View of the Emperor and the Empress
The garden Surroundings
The Strenght
The Emperor
The fountain of the Emperor
View of the Tarot Garden
Detail of the Empress
The Choice
The Death
The Devil
The Chariot
Deatil of the Empress
Side View of the Emperor
Detail of the Emperor
The Emperor inside
The square of the Emperor
The Emperor
The Hanged Man
The Hermit
The High Priestess
The Justice
The panorama from the Moon
The Moon
The Star inside the Empress
The Star
The Temperance
The Tree of Life
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