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Historical walls, churches, architecture and... comics!

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Lucca Comics & Games

Lucca Comics & Games

24 photos

"Lucca Comics and Games" is the top comics conventions in Europe. Ever since 1966, the convention attracts over 160.000 visitors to the colorful event held inside the historical walls.

Outside walls of Lucca
View of walls and moat
Porta San Pietro
Walk along the city walls
Lucca City Walls
From Lucca's city walls
Lucca and Torre Guinigi
Cathedral of San Martino
Lucca Cathedral
Detail on Lucca Duomo
Piazza San Martino
Lucca's cathedral bell tower
Portico San Martino
Reliefs on the cathedral
Detail San Martino cathedral
Labyrinth San Martino
Ilaria del Carretto
Ilaria del Carretto
Piazza Antelminelli
San Martino Cathedral
Museo della Cattedrale
San Giovanni and Santa Reparata
Interior of San Giovanni church
Baptistery San Giovanni
Remains baptismal font
Fresco inside San Giovanni Church
Early Christian Mosaic
Roman era mosaic
Archeological site of San Giovanni
Graffiti Santa Reparata
Detail of graffiti of Santa Rreparata
Piazza Napoleone
Palazzo Ducale
San Michele in Foro
Facade of San Michele in Foro
San Michele in Foro
San Michele in Foro
Palazzo Pretorio
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
Lucca Amphiteatre
Piazza Anfiteatro
San Frediano Church
Detail San Frediano facade

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